France Veraphil Winery

France Veraphil Winery was established in 1798, located in the ancient wine region burgundy in France, Burgundy has varied terrain which has the fertile basin in the north-west and ancient Hill fault in southern, but due to this unique topography, it provides Veraphil a advantageous condition.Veraphil brandy are produced from France Moga Group, Mata winery

About us

Veraphil winey , average age of grape trees all over35 years old. Based on the excellent topography of burgundy. Veraphil winey employ high-tech specialists and utilize the latest technology to make a better balance in the supply of nutrient, and improve the Ability to resist pests and diseases. In current developed world, Veraphil hired brewing specialists consultants, make sure to get high quality grapes and supervise the producing process to achieve a breakthrough in traditional crafts.

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France Veraphil XO always insisted on brace’s brewing method, and kept improving it. Traditional brewing crafts makes brace’s wine purer and high grade. Because of the impact of the French aristocracy and the brewing process, Veraphil XO has been only the French aristocracy and high society to enjoy their sweet and pure.

France winey culture originated from Church. With the Christianity spreading in Europe, vineyard picked up at the highest point. Winery also has no exception.Monastery was built in the winery. In winery, each bottle of wine before sell will do all the process there. All people there put themselves into researching grapes planting cultivation and brewing process, back to nature, close to nature, and revere nature. The Suzerain of Veraphil was also attend the producing process, and was called “the peasant life for nobles”.

  • Inheritor

    In 1743

    brace was born in the first. Aristocratic family in burgundy, France. He started to contact Viticulture when he was a child. Burgundy was famous for their wine, and brace gradually started to study. brewing technology of grapes.

    In 1770

    brace got married with local girl Amandine. He wanted to expand his family industry, so they worked hard together on figuring out the improvement of the wine brewing, and make the wine taste more chilly.

    In 1774

    brace established his own wine winery, and a small piece of grape cultivation base. Kept innovating new Fruit pressing method and fermentation processes, they hoped to have a new breakthrough in the process of transformation of sugar.

    In 1781

    18th century Brewing process are not mature in all of the winey in France, brace referenced the producing method of brandy and started to distill the grapes which has already fermented to get high degrees alcohol.

    In 1798

    brace’s winey was acquired by Baron Benoit, changed name to Veraphil. Continued to develop the crafts of grapes brewing.

  • Product Development

    In 1802

    they opened new grapes breeding area, besides that, improved brace’s crafts. This became Veraphil winey’s unique brewing style

    In 1814

    Benoit lead Veraphil winery to kept trying new crafts, and finally became the symbol because of the high quality of Pure and delicate aroma, outstanding fruit smell and softy taste.

    In 1822

    Bertrand, Benoit’s son took over Veraphil winey, and expanded the scale through merging others winey.

    In 1840

    Veraphil had a thorough innovation, new crafts brought a more outstanding wine, and started to exploit a new way in sparkling wine

    In 1855

    XO was born, with the Napoleonic wine policy. Upgraded the level of brewing crafts

    In 1865

    Bertrand’s son Baptiste runned a winey. Experienced The mid-19th century aphid disaster test, Veraphil still stood upright and became the flagship among all the industries

    In 1870

    Baptiste improved brewing crafts, put more effort in efficient and quality, and also improved grape crushing and brewing methods, reduce brewing time to keep the quality and increase the production.

    In 1901

    Veraphil winey inherited and innovated century brewing skill,and got promotion in the aspect of operate . Established MOGA GROUP and named its factory as MATA winery

Famous reasons

Veraphil is Veraphil winery. Its popularity was connected with the hard work of the original owner Brace. He spent a lot of time and energy to his country estate expands unceasingly, in the grape planting, pest control and wine brewing process made a lot of work, He expected to make it to be one of the most famous estate winery in his country. In addition, Benoit who purchased the Veraphil winery constantly kept trying to open up new road, he named for the winery Veraphil . His son and grandson through constant exchanges and cooperation with other wineries to publicize winery brand promotion, effectively improved the veraphil’s popularity.

Through the journey

The output was not very satisfied at the beginning, because they tend to follow the traditional process, also prefer their wine with runs from mouth to mouth to sales. The winery prefer to use traditional techniques and ensure wine quality to attract consumers ,that’s why veraphil gradually came into general consumers life

With the continuous development of society and increasingly innovative technologies, Veraphil also embarked on a path of innovation and reform. By comparing the various fields of consumption growth trend. Veraphil found that tourism consumption the same hot as winery investment. The combination of tourism and wine could not only improving the promotion of winery culture, the spread of the brand, but also promote their own economic development. The winery and tourism’s combine, became the priority mode of veraphil. It creating a diversified development mode, which includes: Winery Experience Park, Winery Culture Park, Winery complex and so on.

  • Among them, Winery Experience Park through extending Winery scale, aimed on different consumption groups, basic on the original winery base, expanding buildings. The building’s main function is to provide tourists accommodation and meals. For VIP groups, also can set small winery, upscale dining, Ballroom, etc, and make the tourists join the producing process, visit grapes cultivation, learn press technology at the same time to give tourists a real live experience. Besides, Veraphil opened foreign market, and welcome tourists from other countries to visit.

  • Veraphil Culture Park is the combination of function and culture of wine, based on winery to publicize the wine culture. At the same time add Interactive project to successfully publicized the wine culture and their brand. There is a wine fair exhibition held every year in Veraphi and invited representatives from all around the world to participate, evaluate and gave suggestions for new product, and improve it to make the winery better in the future.

The synthesis of the wineries diversities the development of it, not just confined to a single project and the same additional project. On the basis of the original winery to join in sports, wine culture as a starting point, around the winery to build golf course and practice area for equestrianism. and make it become the high-end brigade wine culture projects; Winery as the core area, in the surrounding construction farm, the farm and the winery to fully mix, set the table picking, citizen farm, etc.; Consider the winery as a center, make wine culture in its surrounding commercial street, build the world advanced wine retail market, promote the wine culture dissemination, etc. Veraphil’s wine through the construction of the emerging industries, enrich the connotation of wine, raise public awareness of the winery, also to the development of wine plays a vital role.

Storage Measures:

Initially, Brace tried using oak barrels to store the wine. After keeping the wine in the barrels for a while, he found that the aroma that the wine gives out was incredibly smooth and fruity, along with a unique flavour that he never tasted before. After Brace’s study, he found that it was the oak barrel that accelerated the wine’s maturity process and makes the wine’s taste extra-appealing in a relatively short period of time. After that, Brace has always been keeping his wine that way. During the time when wine is kept in barrels, the impurity within the liquid precipitates over time. The professionals in Veraphil thoroughly filters the impurities using a specialised mechanism every single time. In the second year, six scrambled egg whites are put into the barrels in order to accelerate the precipitating process.

The wine was stored within oak barrels. After a long time, the capacity would reduce 15% based on being absorbed by the oak, exclusion of the impurities, and the change of the weather condition. The pure and high quality wine won’t be produced until the end of the completed variation. Then bottling would be the last procedure and after that ,the wine would be set for a long period time for slow ripening so the fragrance of the grape and its particular taste could be combined closely . That’s why the most perfect wine could be made by France Veraphil Winery

Brewing process

Vera Phil cchateau follows the oldest tradition of making wine by hand-picking the grapes from vine. Even with today’s advanced technology, we cannot be sure of the quality of every grape. Although using machinery for this process is becoming more and more popular, Villa Phil prefers the traditional way in order to ensure each of the branches were cleanly removed and to prevent the emergence of foreign bodies - ultimately leading to the wine being spoiled. During the squeezing process, both the grape skin and grape flesh are blended together. The red pigment contained in the grape skins is the reason for the coloring of the wine.

VVera Phil winery takes great care in the process of crushing the grapes, so that we produce a more vibrant red wine color..

After squeezing and fermenting, you can get authentic grape juice. High-quality wine grape juice is an excellent premise of brewed wine obtained by fermentation. During the fermentation process, the sugar content decreases whereas the volume of alcohol increases.

Therefore veraphil winery attaches great importance to the fermentation process, in order to complete the conversion of sugar to alcohol and carbon dioxide, the researchers use a lot of ways, ultimately through a slow fermentation process, then produce a delicate aroma tasting wine.

Veraphil winery knows if you want to keep the fruitiness and freshness of wine, you have to add sulfur dioxide immediately after the fermentation process. Therefore, after fermenting for approximately 3 weeks, it is the first time for precipitation and changing the barrel. The second precipitate needs to wait 4-6 weeks until the wine has fully achieved the desired taste.